Services from IBP

IBP offers additional critical support services through the “Managed preferred partnership programme.” Cyber Solutions, Travel Management, Insight Analysis and Consultancy Services are provided by expert sector focused consultants. Supported 24/7 through the IBP 24/7 City of London virtual operational management suite. This additional level of 24/7 support integration ensures the correct solution to any given scenario actioned by the experienced IBP operational management team immediately regardless of time or day.

Cyber Solutions

IBP offers a comprehensive cyber protection programme for all clients through its “Managed preferred partner programme”. All client cyber solutions have the additional advantage of being monitored through the IBP 24/7 City of London virtual operational management suite, allowing for a 365-immediate off-site reaction to any potential cyber-attack.

Travel Management

IBP offers a 24/7 travel management solution through its internal bespoke travel app monitored and managed through the IBP 24/7 City of London virtual operational management suite. The travel App caters for all levels of client requirement supported by the IBP agreed programme incident management protocols.

Insight Analysis

The IBP- Horus in house Insight team are World-Leaders in the collation, processing, analysis and dissemination of Open-Source Intelligence products. The team comprises of 16 highly motivated and experienced researchers and analysts who are responsible for the 24/7 collection of Insight products based on specific client requirements. The Insight team operate from London, Oxford and Singapore.

Consultancy Service

IBP through its support management team provides a global expert level of consultancy service utilising the IBP managed preferred partner programme in the following sector service offerings: Logistic Support, Threat/Risk Analysis, Audit Review and report, Corporate Executive support, Fraud audit, Surveillance Tasking, Investigations and Corporate security planning.

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