Any system can be seamlessly integrated into IBP

IBP utilises the latest intelligence software technology, creating a single innovative integrated platform in order to deliver effective management of day to day operational responses with the additional ability to deliver operational management for critical business needs.

To monitor any kind of incident or situation

IBP through its integrated virtual resource has introduced an innovative transformation to the way businesses operate and think focussing on an enhanced effective and efficient management of a client’s day to day operations; reducing the time between incident occurrence and incident closure with the potential for current budget cost reduction.

Carry out an adaptive response action using advanced workflows

IBP brings together an end to end turnkey solution utilising the internet of things thinking, operating within a virtual 24/7 resource and utilising advanced researcher analyst management teams. This culmination of technology and innovation processes any incident or operational input/output within a complete integrated workflow, therefore providing; Clarity awareness, Faster response, False alert/alarm reduction, Efficient use of resources, Consistency of response procedure, Ability to learn and improve response protocols and Provide effective cost reduction.

We manage organisations to mitigate risk, maintain business continuity and optimise operational efficiency

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