IBP manage organisations to mitigate risk, maintain business continuity and optimise operational efficiency

Clarity in a complex world

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Welcome to the future of Intelligent Business Protection

IBP for the first time offers a virtual, off site, smart city solution for all client’s data outputs. Based in the City of London IBP provides; an intelligence led 24/7 operations management suite receiving priority client data feeds managed by our IBP expert data analysts, utilising the latest integrated platform.

IBP combines cross sector industry expertise providing above industry norms service levels, enhanced calibre of analysts/operatives, expert management support levels with over 30 years of in-depth business operations knowledge.

Why IBP?

In an increasingly complex and centralised business environment where operational and risk management teams struggle with information data overload, are under constant budgetary pressure, IBP is your partner in mitigating risk, streamlining operations and maintaining enhanced effective business operational continuity. The IBP solution is a combination of major capital investment, different class of people, process, virtual centralised resource and leading technology, combined with 30 years’ experience managing complex, high-value environments.

What makes IBP different?

IBP continues to be a market leader through constant investment in the IBP operational analyst resource, innovative technology based upon the internet of things and smart city thinking. IBP manages client data 24/7 through its city based virtual central resource with the ability to deliver the agreed operational solution for any client data output.